LEANDER, Texas – The Rouse Raiders, headed by one of the area’s premier quarterbacks, are poised to make a deep run this season.

Rouse has won 21 games in the last two seasons and earned back-to-back third-round playoff berths. It’s a really astounding turnaround for a programme that gone 1-9 before to that.

According to senior linebacker Zack Lacombe, “That sophomore year, the next year. The practises were vastly different. You could tell the energy was unrivalled.”

“They battled and fought, and we were right there with them through the entire agonising season of 1-and-9. We went into sophomore year knowing we didn’t want to be a part of it again. And we just took off from there “Mason Shorb, senior quarterback, says

Joshua Mann, head coach, agrees with his players, adding, “It’s entertaining. The victory is unquestionably beneficial. Never let a coach deceive you. It’s a lot more fun when we win games than when we lose.”

Shorb has been instrumental in the Raiders’ growth. He passed for over 3,800 yards and 49 touchdowns last season.

“Mason improved dramatically from his sophomore to junior year. I can’t wait to watch what occurs during his final year. Despite his efforts, “Mann claims.

It was work that didn’t get started until Shorb came to Texas in 2013. He had previously lived in California, and while he had participated in flag football, football was not his passion. Swimming was his sport, and thankfully for Rouse, it was brief.

“I quit competing in swimming. I refer to it as my retirement. I refer to it as my retirement. Because I was far too thin. And getting out of the water was too chilly. So I retired at the age of ten. Let me tell you something. I’ll dust anybody in the top 100 for free. Don’t even look at me. Nobody wants to inhale the smoke. I guarantee you don’t want any smoke “Shorb explains.

Shorb is now completely dedicated to football and assisting Rouse’s success this season.

“We want to play quickly. We intend to play aggressively. I want everyone to know that Rouse is not a softie. Rouse is no laughing matter “Shorb explains.

Alex Deville, a senior offensive lineman, adds, “This senior class has known each other since youth league. We’ve been acquainted. We shared our childhood. And these younger men are eager to get started.”

Senior linebacker Jace Mann believes the club can build on its recent success. “We came in as a freshman group and won the district championship as a freshman team 9-0. And we simply took it and soared with it. We turned it around and won by a score of nine to ten. That is not an easy task. It required a lot of effort.”